Learning Spanish was high on my bucket list for many years. Last year I started a basic intensive course during 2 weeks at Cervantes Institute. However, due to a lack of students at that time, I could not follow up. Fortunately, my teacher told me of her Skype lessons. From then on I am learning Spanish via Skype, when I want and where I want. The teaching material is the same as used at the regular course at Cervantes. You can book your lessons in a calendar whenever it suits you.
Not only the schedule of the lessons is flexible, also the teacher is flexible. Due to a high amount of students with different nationalities, Ruth has a high experience with different ways of living and cultural particularities. Her understanding makes a discussion easier. Besides, the lessons are face to face which means that you are always on board, you can't hide behind another student and it is immediately clear when you did not make your homework. However, even homework is flexible and in function of your possibilities.
I can recommend this way of learning to anyone who has limited time and enough ambition to learn Spanish.
Karin Janssenvandoorn, from the Netherlands. Nephrologist.