I approached Ruth looking for 1 to 1 Skype sessions 6 months before my brother was getting married in Madrid. The plan being to gain a basic grasp of the language so I could get by whilst out on holiday and not stand out like a complete tourist. Having never spoke Spanish in my life or attended a lesson over Skype I was rather apprehensive of the whole idea and was worried it would be uncomfortable and difficult to grasp. After just one session I realized I had nothing to worry about, Ruth made me feel relaxed and comfortable in an environment I am not used to, she was clear with her communication and showed a keen interest in not just helping me achieve my goals, but also in getting to know me and build a bond between us along the way.
The sessions were set out clearly and I felt we had a structure planned out for the full 6 months leading up to my holiday showing excellent organizational skills on Ruth’s part. Sessions were made easy with the use of recommended Spanish books and documents that were transferred over to me, even the dreaded homework was enjoyable. I loved every class and found that we always had a laugh about something. Not only did I achieve my goals, but I had a great time along the way. Thanks Ruth
Steven Blakeman, from the U.K. Firefighter.