READY TO LEARN Spanish online?

Just for fun?
For business?
For keeping your brain active?
For preparing for a test or a job interview?
Interested in culture, gastronomy...
For traveling?

So, make the most of your time
and learn Spanish online!



Arrange each class according to your schedule


Learn from home, your office or your favorite café


Save traveling time and costs

Private tutoring:

Customized focus on your needs

WHY ONLINE? Save Time and Money!


Arrange each class according to your schedule


Learn from home, your office or your favorite café


Save traveling time and costs

Private tutoring:

Customized focus on your needs.


I offer high quality as you will be taught by a fully qualified and experienced native teacher with an MA in teaching Spanish to foreigners and with experience in best learning enviroments like Cervantes Institute and the European Commision.

Guaranteed results

You will notice real progress in just a couple of months

Up-to-date methodology

You will learn following the most modern communicative approaches

Enjoyable experience

Your satisfaction is a priority. You will find your learning fun and incredibly useful



Lessons will be directed via Skype

An engaging conversation will be focused on your learning needs based in real situations

Academic documents will be provided (as well as links to digital resources)

You will receive reports on your progress and optional homework

You will be accompanied, monitored, advised and supported

We will use a digital platform that will provide an easy way between us for better communication and structure


I offer comprehensive Spanish language courses aimed at developing the students ability to understand, speak, read and write in Spanish. I use the most up-to-date methodologies (centered on a communicative approach) and effective, proven pedagogical techniques. I combine this, with academic materials, structured language levels and plenty of extras, which ensures a successful experience for every student.

General Spanish

The aim is for the student to acquire communicative capability so that you can understand, express yourself and interact appropriately in real-life situations.

Specific purposes

Spanish lessons are designed for students that have a special reason for learning Spanish. Spanish classes for business, job interviews, travelling and personal life purposes

Exam´s Preparation

Preparation for the six levels of the certification in Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE), as well as special individualized tests, EPSO, level tests, school´s exam,....

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One-to-one lessons

5 Lessons

One-to-one – 50 minutes

150 €

10 Lessons

One-to-one – 50 minutes


13 Lessons

One-to-one – 1.15h

450 €

20 lessons

One-to-one – 1.30h

700 €

Payment for classes via PayPal/ bank transfer/ accept bitcoin.
The lessons are paid in advance. 24 hours’ notice required to cancel or reschedule your session.

Save money! 10 % discount for recommendations.


  • Emre


    “When the company we worked for was purchased by a Spanish Bank, our company decided to offer Spanish classes to its employees and got quite a bit of interest from our co-workers.

    Read more

  • Karin


    Learning Spanish was high on my bucket list for many years. Last year I started a basic intensive course during 2 weeks at Cervantes Institute. However, due to a lack of students at that time, I could not follow up.

    Read more

  • Thelemacos


    “Best teacher at the European Institutions” Ruth has a very interactive teaching method and uses the last technology and internet while teaching,

    Read more

  • Razan


    Ruth, is the person who made us come running to class every Sunday! She is amazing! If somebody can make you wake up early after you partied until late Saturday night

    Read more

  • Esra


    Ruth has been my teacher for the last 3 years and honestly I can say Ruth is one of the best skilled teachers and a very special person.

    Read more

  • Gozde


    “Ruth has been my biggest luck in learning Spanish! We had 3 hours per week for almost 2 years. I knew I would not be able to learn the language in a classroom since I had little time left from my business hours, and I have a personality that can get bored quite fast.

    Read more

  • Hazal


    It was a good year studying at Cervantes Institute in Istanbul and Ruth managed a cool class where we worked a lot. While homework was always about fun topics on a virtual platform,

    Read more

  • Steven


    I approached Ruth looking for 1 to 1 Skype sessions 6 months before my brother was getting married in Madrid. The plan being to gain a basic grasp of the language so I could get by whilst out on holiday and not stand out like a complete tourist.

    Read more

  • Laura


    I had Ruth as my first teacher of Spanish in a regular classroom course. Me and actually the entire group enjoyed the experience a lot! I think Ruth has two very important qualities as a teacher: she is structured and always well prepared and at the same time, she is a very interesting and fun person. So the learning process is both efficient and fun! When I saw that Ruth was offering online classes, I did not hesitate to go for it.

    Read more

  • Alexandra


    “Ruth is a wonderful teacher. She is so calm and patient when teaching and explaining that it is really a pleasure to learn anything that she is teaching you”. Alexandra. Actor.

    Read more

  • Berna


    I have studied with Ruth Spanish language for two years. As I am busy working, we had once a week one-to-one lessons at my office in afternoons.

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  • Ferruh


    “Ruth was a great teacher and she always have a friendly attitude to all of us. I enyojed being her student at Cervantes Institute of Istanbul and I was really excited about learning a new language.

    Read more


    Hello, my name is Ruth Cristino.

    I obtained a M.A. in Spanish as a foreign language at the University of Alcalá de Henares, Madrid. I am also a certified examiner and have experience preparing students for DELE’s exams (Official certificates for Spanish). I’ve been teaching Spanish for over seven years and currently I am self-employed co-working for Cervantes Institute and the European Institutions.

    I am from Madrid (Spain) and nowadays I have my base between Bali and Brussels.

    I have a background in Arts and Film, and won a scholarship to Middlesex University, in London and since then I haven´t stopped moving. I have lived and worked in Spain, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Turkey, Belgium and Indonesia.

    I speak English, some French, Catalan and also I am learning Indonesian. Therefore, as a student of these languages I completely understand my own students’ needs and challenges.

    Learning online is a very flexible way to study a language that covers the needs of a demanding schedule, gives you the comfort of your home or office, saves time and money in transport, so it gives you the chance of getting tailored lessons. My program is completely customized to the student’s needs. I respect each student’s wishes and respond by providing them with the tools that best satisfy their requirements.

    At work, I’m intensely dedicated and enthusiastic. The methodology I use in class is up-to-date with the latest communicative approaches and effective, proven pedagogical techniques. I always like to receive constant training in order to offer the highest quality in my courses. I combine this, with academic materials, structured language levels and plenty of extras, which ensures a successful experience for every student.

    Welcome to this adventure!